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Checkout This Men Synthetic Insulated Jackets

Need a protected coat for your next experience? We've looked over the web for the main 75 models and precisely chose the best 14 engineered encasings for thorough one next to the other testing. The majority of the coats explored here hold their protecting capacities notwithstanding when wet, however every one has distinctive qualities and best applications. Fortunately every one of the coats in our audit are all around built, top notch articles of clothing. The better news is that we've discovered which ones are the hottest, the most breathable, and the most climate safe. Read on so you can do not so much shopping but rather more playing outside.

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The Hyperpuff is a good choice for cold days  our top pick for warmth.

Refreshed November 2018

The days are getting shorter, the evenings are getting colder, and we're all doing our best snow moves with expectations of a decent ski season. We've likewise been trying the most up to date yield of protected coats. This fall we looked at a few new breathable models including the intense as-nails Arc'teryx Proton LT, the light and elevated Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody, and the wool like The North Face Summit L3 Ventrix Hybrid Hoody. Moreover, we're upbeat to hand over our Best Buy Award to the Black Diamond Access Hoody, while the Editors' Choice remains with our untouched top choice, the Rab Xenon X.

Best Overall Model

Rab Xenon X Hoodie

Editors' Choice Award


at Backcountry

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Weight: 11.3 oz | Number of pockets: 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest

Best warmth-to-weight proportion out there

Liberally estimated capacity take makes it fast simple to stash


Dries rapidly

Doesn't inhale well

Season after season, the Rab Xenon X just continues conveying the best execution, winning Our Editors' Choice Award over and over. How? By giving us all that we need and nothing, we don't. This straightforward, climate safe coat is lightweight and stows away effectively in its chest stash, yet at the same time has the little highlights we cherish, as ergonomic zipper pulls and a comfortable, microfleece-lined neckline.

Despite the fact that extreme against the climate, this coat doesn't inhale and models like the Patagonia Nano-Air or the Outdoor Research Cathode Hooded Jacket. Under a shell or as an external layer, the Xenon X is our go-to manufactured encasing for climbing, climbing, and skiing.

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Best Bang for the Buck

Dark Diamond Access Hoody

Best Buy Award


(40% off)

at Backcountry

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Weight: 12.3 oz | Number of pockets: 2 zippered hand takes, 1 zippered chest stash

Stashes little into stretchy inner chest take

Great climate opposition

Perfectly sized for layering

Poor fitting hood

The Black Diamond Access Hoody has a large portion of the highlights we require from a packable puffy and nothing we don't. This coat has a powerful DWR treatment and a 20d ripstop nylon shell to really begin to tackle the windy at crisp belays or ski advances. Primaloft gold protection is deliberately circulated so it's thicker in the middle and more slender under the arms, giving a little breathability, in addition to extend boards in the armpits help with portability and ventilation.

The Access Hoody doesn't have the best protection of the pack, with the Xenon X giving a superior warmth-to-weight proportion. We didn't care for the attack of the hood; it's sufficiently huge to suit a head protector, however without a cap on, it tends to slide around and get in your face. A secure line to hold the hood set up would be an appreciated expansion. This coat is an incredible esteem, with great execution for $100 not exactly a large number of its rivals.

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Top Pick Award for Breathability

Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody

Top Pick Award


at REI

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Weight: 12.3 oz | Number of pockets: 2 zippered hand, 2 zippered chest

Ideal equalization of warmth and breathability

Feels as great as your most loved sweater

Stowaway take is too little to stuff the coat into

Shell texture inclined to pilling

The Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody is one of the untouched most agreeable coats we've ever put on. Delicate and warm, the Nano-Air is likewise marginally stretchy, guaranteeing solid match and portability. Taking a gander at our outlines, you'll see that the Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody, the Nano-Air Light Hybrid Hoody scored higher in the breathability metric. These coats are lighter weight and more breathable, however our analyzers still discover the Nano-Air Hoody to have the best blend of warmth and breathability.

Since its presentation, Patagonia has made a couple of changes to the Nano-Air, utilizing a thicker denier shell texture for enhanced sturdiness and adding an inward zipper to one of the handwarmer pockets to make an implicit stuff sack. Shockingly, we found that the new material is inclined to pilling, and the stuff take is too little to store the coat viably. Ideally these issues are tended to in the up and coming age of our most loved breathable separator. For a more sturdy choice, look at the Arc'teryx Proton LT Hoody.

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Top Pick Award for Warmth

Patagonia Hyper Puff Hoody

Top Pick Award


at Patagonia

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Weight: 17 oz | Number of pockets: 2 zippered hand, 1 vast inside work drop-ins, 1 outside zippered chest

Hottest in our audit

Stores rapidly and effectively into its included stuff sack

Exceptionally climate safe

Overwhelming contrasted with different models

The Patagonia Hyper Puff turns out to be the hottest coat in the engineered class. This windproof, water-safe external layer is the coat you need for those simply above-solidifying days when snowmelt and solidifying precipitation will render your down coat futile. A hardened overflow keeps the precip out of your face while an inner work stash holds your water, gloves, or climbing shoes toasty warm.

While it has a tolerable warmth-to-weight proportion, this coat is on the overwhelming side. We wish that this coat incorporated a two-way zipper, normal many belay parkas, that takes into account most extreme inclusion without meddling with the belay gadget. Furthermore, it is the minimum breathable coat in its classification. Our Top Pick for Warmth, the Hyper Puff is most at home on bone chilling ice climbing belays and staying nearby in camp amid multi-day ski visits.

Read audit: Patagonia Hyper Puff Hoody

Investigation and Test Results

Except if you're climbing around in the sweltering swamps amidst summer, you will require a protecting layer for your outside interests. While down protection offers an unsurpassable warmth to weight proportion, it loses its protecting capacities when it gets wet, and sets aside a generous measure of opportunity to dry and re-hang. The models in this class all utilization an assortment of manufactured protection, some enhanced for most extreme warmth, while others are built for breathability. In spite of advances in guaging, we're continually rolling the shakers in the mountains with regards to the climate, so a protected coat not just should be warm, it should be light and packable. Furthermore we asses each model for its breathability, solace, style, and in general esteem. For a review of how the contenders stacked up against one another, see the table above.

With simply the perfect measure of protection obscure fall climbing can be quite marvelous. The Rab Nimbus was exactly what our analyzer required on a blustery day in the Sierra.

With simply the perfect measure of protection, obscure fall climbing can be quite fantastic. The Rab Nimbus was exactly what our analyzer required on a blustery day in the Sierra.


Above all else, your coat, joined with your different layers, needs to keep you warm in the climate you intend to utilize it in. We've weighted this metric most intensely: 25% of each model's score. As we point by point above, down is hotter by weight than engineered protection, however every year, synthetics are making up for lost time to the better warmth-than weight proportion of down. In any case, the scores granted to the coats in this survey just contrast their glow relative with one another. This audit traverses thicker pieces that are planned as a peripheral layer in bone chilling climate, breathable models for vigorous action, and more slender pieces to be utilized as mid layers. More slender coats additionally make extraordinary external layers for around-town wear in cooler months. Remember that the Hyper Puff (our Top Pick for Warmth) is intended for an altogether different reason than the lighter, breathable Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Hoody. Consider what you'll be utilizing these coats for as you're contrasting the metric scores.

One item utilized altogether more protection than whatever is left of the field. The Patagonia Hyper Puff - our Top Pick for Warmth - is the hottest model tried, and in addition the heaviest and minimum compressible. It is a decent belay coat for ice and winter climbing. It likewise has a few climbing-focused highlights, including an inside work stash for putting away water a water container, gloves, or whatever else you need to keep toasty. Next on the glow continuum is the Rab Nimbus. Lighter and more packable than the Hyperpuff, the Nimbus is a great alternative for the individuals who run cool, yet at the same time need a lightweight coat that stuffs into its very own chest take. Next in line is the Rab Xenon X our Editors' Choice Award champ for some seasons and our most loved equalization of warmth, weight, and climate opposition. The Arc'teryx Atom AR likewise gets good grades for warmth, with 120g/m of coreloft protection in the middle district.

Looking at warmth in gently protected models is testing. Some are structured in entire, or halfway to enable breeze to blow through for breathability, while others are wind safe. To pick an examination point, we appraised their glow as an external layer when worn over base layers with a light breeze. When you visit every item's survey, we contrast each model's glow with the most comparable items.
The breathable Nano-Air gives a lot of warmth yet in addition shields you from getting excessively damp with sweat while moving tough.

The breathable Nano-Air gives a lot of warmth yet additionally shields you from getting excessively damp with sweat while moving tough.

Among the lighter weight models tried, the Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody and Arc'teryx Atom LT emerge for warmth, however the Nano-Air is less breeze safe, because of its breathable shell texture. A portion of the lighter coats in the survey, the Outdoor Research Cathode Hooded Jacket, Arc'teryx Atom SL, and the Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Hoody were the minimum warm. Light and compressible, these coats work as remarkable mid layers, or as super breathable external layers for oxygen consuming exercises. The Patagonia Micro Puff uses another protection called PlumaFill, bringing about phenomenal warmth, in spite of being the lightest coat in the survey by a few ounces. Tragically, its super lightweight shell makes it exceptionally powerless against scraped area from rocks and brush. Moreover, the PlumaFill tends to spill out in long strands once there is a tear in the shell.

A perfectly sized lightweight coat functions admirably as a mid layer.

A perfectly sized lightweight coat functions admirably as a mid layer.

Weight and Compressibility

We end up taking a protected coat all over, and at OutdoorGearLab, light is normally right. All else being equivalent, we'll pick the lighter, more compressible model relatively without fail. Our scores for weight and compressibility contribute 20% to by and large scores. The Patagonia Micro Puff takes the lightweight cake, tipping the scales at a unimportant 8.15 ounces. The second lightest, most compressible coat tried is the Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Hoody. The Rab Xenon X, Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody, and Arc'teryx Atom LT are the following lightest models. All have exceptional warmth-to-weight proportions when utilized as a mid layer, and the Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Hoody and the OR Ascendant Hoody are fantastically breathable. In the event that you organize warmth, nonetheless, it's difficult to beat the Editors' Choice Xenon X for weight. It's more affordable than huge numbers of its rivals and fundamentally more solid than the Patagonia Micro Puff.

We welcome a coat that stows away in one of its pockets. This presents just-in-defense stockpiling in a rucksack simple and keeps the external texture spotless, securing its DWR treatment. Most models tried stuff into a pocket or accompany a stuff sack. The Xenon X, Rab Nimbus, and the Black Diamond Access Hoody are our most loved stuff-capable pieces; all are minimal, have a clasp circle, and frequently went on our analyzers' climbing tackles. The Arc'teryx Proton LT Hoody and the Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Hoody do exclude a stuff sack or a stuffable pocket alternative. The Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody stuffs down into its pocket. Be that as it may, it's so hard to get the coat to fit in the pocket that we didn't discover this component extremely helpful.

On the opposite end of the range, the huge, vigorously protected Patagonia Hyper Puff Hoody doesn't pack and our Editors' Choice Award champ, and the Arc'teryx Atom AR is on the heavier end of this class. It's intended for warmth and utilizations a sort of PrimaLoft protection known for its space as opposed to its compressibility. Anticipate that the Hyper Puff will consume up room in your pack, about as much as a little resting sack. That being stated, we enjoyed the Hyper Puff's incorporated stuff sack with clasp in circle and thought that it was anything but difficult to store rapidly.

A portion of the coats we evaluated stuff away into an interior pocket. Sadly the stowaway take for the Nano-Air (far right) is too little to utilize viably.

A portion of the coats we investigated stuff away into an interior pocket. Sadly, the stowaway take for the Nano-Air (far right) is too little to utilize successfully.

Four contenders are envisioned stuffed previously. The Xenon X and Black Diamond Access Hoody are comparative in size when stowed in their pockets, the Xenon X could pack much littler, while the Access Hoody is stuffed in firmly, however it packs effectively because of the flexible work chest stash.

The Xenon X Stuffs and unstuffs rapidly for a milder cozier belay understanding.

The Xenon X Stuffs and unstuffs rapidly for a milder, cozier belay understanding.

While manufactured protection has turned out to be more compressible, long haul sturdiness is as yet an issue. The fiber's capacity to bounce back to full space diminishes with rehashed pressure, and the more firmly compacted they are, the more wear the fiber grids acquire; we prescribe that you generally store coats in their uncompressed state. The accordion-like HyperDAS protection that tops off the Hyper Puff appeared to bounce back faster than some other sort of protection.


In this classification, we surveyed each piece's versatility, and in addition little points of interest that made every more agreeable. We found that some moved with us superior to other people, some had highlights, similar to downy lined button watches or hand takes, that convey joy for negligible weight. We additionally take note of the fit qualities of each coat, giving you a superior thought of what body composes each coat fits best and helping you pick the right size.

We should talk about versatility first; this is a significant coat characteristic. When you achieve overhead while climbing or delving in your pack, a model that stays put (without the abdomen stitch being pulled upwards) is valued.

We surveyed how well we could move our arms, and additionally the hood versatility. Convenience is likewise a thought when contrasting coats. Decent zipper pulls, pockets in the correct spots, and helpful hood alterations are a couple of highlights that add to higher solace scores. Every item's survey gives a summary of the little subtle elements that emerged. Evaluations granted for solace contribute 20% of each model's score.

The hood on the Nimbus is a bit too little to fit over a cap.

The hood on the Nimbus is a bit too little to fit over a head protector.

We adored the solace of both the Patagonia Nano-Air (an ideal 10!), the Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Hoody, and Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody. The delicate, stretchy textures feel incredible, give portability, and wick sweat. The Nano-Air Hoody's hood fits and feels extraordinary, and it's the main coat tried with two outside chest takes; a straightforward however helpful element. The Arc'teryx Atom LT additionally got high solace scores. It has low-mass sleeves, very much formed zipper pulls, and amazing versatility. The Xenon X scores well for solace; its light textures and elevated protection feel better. The cozy hood, which highlights microfleece jaw and neck patches, was our top pick. The Arc'teryx Proton LT Hoody additionally gave an abnormal state of solace, because of its athletic cut and remarkable versatility. The Patagonia Hyper Puff has somewhat stretch to its Pertex shell, making for incredible development, and guaranteeing that the coat doesn't ride up and open you to the components.
We appreciate having hoods since they give a glow move up to little weight. A hood is difficult to lose, in contrast to a cap. We wore hoods under and over climbing head protectors. The Patagonia Hyper Puff is sufficiently flexible to fit over a cap or cozy against your head. Our most loved hood structures highlighted secure strings that fixed the hood around the head and not the face. A hood can here and there act as a burden in case you're wanting to wear your layer principally under a shell that has its hood. The hood on the Black Diamond Access Hoody tends to slide around and act as a burden and could profit by the expansion of a secure line. Many hooded models tried are accessible in hoodless adaptations.

Most of the coats tried tend to highlight a thin, athletic fit for simplicity of layering. The Hyper Puff, the Nano-Air Hoody, and the Nano-Air Light Hybrid Hoody all offer a conventional measure of stretch, making them agreeable despite the fact that they're shape fitting.

Climate Resistance

We've all ended up in heavy deluges and furious breezes in spite of a bluebird figure. In these circumstances, the privilege protected coat could spare your life, and they'll generally lessen the endure factor. A large portion of the items tried are intended to be worn principally as a mid layer with a rain coat or hardshell on top for foul climate. All things considered, numerous clients utilize these items as their external layer. We wore every one of the coats evaluated as external layers while climbing and running in fall and late-fall. We toted numerous along on trips for both warmth and wind insurance. We weighted climate opposition as 15% of by and large scores.

Protected coats are normally not intended to be waterproof or windproof. In case you're searching for a coat that joins the glow of a protected coat with the climate insurance of a hardshell, make sure to look at our ski coat for men audit.

Models with a consistent or almost persistent external texture complete a superior occupation of halting the breeze. The Xenon X is the most climate safe of the 60 g/m2 protected items tried. Its nylon ripstop texture has a strong water repellent covering that works in light rain and snow, and it is for all intents and purposes windproof. While it isn't crease taped, the structure limits creases. The Xenon X is one of the two just light models we'd intentionally wear without a shell amid a short, light rain, however the Arc'teryx Atom AR Hoody, similar to the Xenon X, likewise globules water and offers an abnormal state of water obstruction.

With the special cases of the Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody, every one of the models tried have a DWR treatment. This makes light rain dab off the shell and keeps protection dry. The DWR treatment was great on the Nano-Air Hoody, which remained dry in light rain while being the second most breathable model tried.

A decent DWR treatment will keep you dry in light rain so you don't generally need to bring a devoted waterproof shell.

A decent DWR treatment will keep you dry in light rain so you don't generally need to bring a devoted waterproof shell.

The medium and substantial protected models tried all earned high climate obstruction scores - their mass prevents the breeze from infiltrating. The intensely protected Patagonia Hyper Puff is developed with a stretchy, DWR treated Pertex shell. Following quite a while of substantial utilize and presentation to earth, the DWR medicines start to lose their viability, however out of the case, water moves ideal off. The Hyper Puff is extremely water safe and totally stops the breeze; this versatile coat kept our lead analyzer toasty while biking around town, well into the chilly winter months.

Mixture development coats present an intriguing problem in rating climate obstruction. Take the breathable The North Face Summit L3 Ventrix Hybrid Hoodyfor model. The middle has protected boards on the chest and back that opposes light rain and stops the breeze. Be that as it may, the breathable underarm and side boards let the breeze blow through. The Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Hoody experiences a similar issue. While the FullRange protected front of the coat offers a little climate opposition, the waffle-sew back is completely helpless against the components. The OR Ascendant Hoody makes an awesome midlayer, yet will get absorbed rapidly a storm in light of its breathable shell texture that likewise does not have a DWR treatment.


Breathable protected coats are a newish landing and are intended to direct temperature and wick sweat amid high vitality exercises in cool climate. The presentation of Polartec Alpha and, all the more as of late, FullRange protection from Patagonia enables another way to deal with breathability. The protection itself moves dampness superior to anything PrimaLoft and advances better wind current. The Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody sets FullRange protection with stretchy, breathable shell texture and a dampness wicking covering to make a standout amongst the most breathable models tried. The much more breathable Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Hoody joins a FullRange protected front with a stretchy waffle-weave back, making an astoundingly brisk drying coat for running or as a layering piece, and a portion of our analyzers incline toward this coat to the great R1 downy on the grounds that it is lighter and significantly more breathable. The Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody utilizes Polartec Alpha direct protection. This protection is exceedingly breathable, needn't bother with an inside liner, and has a fluffy vibe against the skin.

The Nano-Air Hoody gets our Top Pick for Breathability since its glow and climate opposition makes it more adaptable than the crossover adaptation. Not a long ways behind is the Arc'teryx Proton LT Hoody. The Proton isn't as light or as warm as the Nano-Air, however it's almost as breathable and substantially more strong. For high vitality exercises, as backwoods skiing and winter running, these two coats are distinct advantages. Include a light shell, similar to the Marmot Ether DriClime or the Patagonia Houdini, in the event that it gets breezy.

The long-standing way to deal with making a Primaloft or Coreloft item more qualified to effort is to fuse low-mass, breathable boards under the coat's arms and on the sides. The Arc'teryx Atom LT and The North Face Summit L3 Ventrix Hybrid Hoody both adopt this mixture strategy. Wind-safe texture ensures your center, while stretchy side boards dump overabundance warm. These two mixtures earned the following most astounding breathability scores after the three propelled models above. The medium and overwhelming models tried were the slightest breathable, however they work the best as terminal layers, keeping you warm when you've halted to take a break while climbing, or holding up at a breezy belay station.

The BD Access Hoody (focus) is wind safe and packable while the North Face Ventrix Hybrid Hoody (right) is intended to boost breathability.

The BD Access Hoody (focus) is wind safe and packable, while the North Face Ventrix Hybrid Hoody (right) is intended to boost breathability.


Magnificence is subjective depending on each person's preferences, yet we've done our best to allot a style score to each piece. Puffy coats aren't simply open air diversion things nowadays, and a few items look superior to others for around-town wear. A few, similar to the Patagonia Micro Puff, have knitted sewing in the external texture, which makes an unmistakable look. Most have a gleaming, nerd ripstop nylon shell, yet the Atom LT, Nano-Air, and Proton LT have a gentler, matte look and feel. The Arc'teryx Atom AR Hoody earned the main 9 out of 10 in our testing, guaranteeing that you'll look smooth and clean. Most models are accessible in an assortment of hues, enabling you to be as uproarious or as unpretentious as you can imagine. You will discover photographs of every item in their surveys, including close-ups of their external texture, and in addition front and back perspectives. Style evaluations contribute 5% to by and large scores.

We like hoods on protected coats, as they give a glow update, however a floppy hood isn't absolutely an out-to-supper look. Moreover, layer after layer of hoods stacked over hoods can be really unwieldy and awkward. We tried coats with hoods and without. A portion of the hoodless models don't come in hoody adaptations, so if having a hood is basic, make sure to look at "alternate forms" area of each survey to check whether there is a hooded variant. All test pieces were estimate smalls (with a couple of mediums scattered in) and the Style segment of individual surveys is the place we remark on the size and attack of each.

Care and Feeding of Insulated Jackets

On the off chance that your protected coat is a workhorse, it will get filthy. As a mid layer, body oils and funk aggregate after some time, and when utilized as an external layer, it will get a wide range of grimy when you're playing hard. Washing and drying these coats is less demanding than thinking about down. Continuously counsel the producer's consideration guidelines, however an excursion through the washer on cool or warm water with powdered cleanser works extraordinary. Front stacking machines are considerably more delicate on your specialized pieces of clothing than best loaders with instigators. Toss your coat in the dryer on the most minimal warmth setting, and you're finished.

Arc'teryx is known for their tender loving care and the Atom LT is no special case. Woolen stashes cozy fitting sleeves and extraordinary hood make it one of our most loved coats to move in.

Arc'teryx is known for their scrupulousness, and the Atom LT is no special case. Woolen stashes, cozy fitting sleeves, and extraordinary hood make it one of our most loved coats to move in.

Every one of the items checked on have DWR treatment or something to that affect on the external texture. Regularly washing and drying will work admirably reestablishing a DWR covering that has started to wet out (collecting a film of water instead of beading it). Attempt a short portion of medium warmth in the dryer.

In the end, it will be important to re-apply DWR treatment to your coat to keep it beading water. We lean toward splash on items rather than the wash-in assortments. We need the external texture to oppose water well, yet we ​still need the coating to retain and wick dampness from perspiration towards the outside.

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