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Review: Lenovo Smart Display 10 Review:

The Good The Lenovo Smart Display is an extraordinary kitchen right hand with a rich plan and a high-goals touchscreen. It performs multiple tasks well, reacts rapidly to both touch and voice directions and offers a rich, customized home screen and an adjustable surrounding mode.

The Bad I'd like the screen to accomplish more when you play recreations or tune in to music. You're restricted to Google Duo for making voice calls. Looking through substance with your voice can be dull.

The Bottom Line If you'd like visual formula help in the kitchen, the Lenovo Smart Display plays out that task exceedingly well and everything else all around ok that it merits your thought.
Lenovo Smart Display
The Lenovo Smart Display is basically a similar incredible device we initially audited in July 2018, and the majority of its improves have been. It reacts to voice directions by means of Google Assistant, and shows important information on its touchscreen utilizing a cut down Android working framework called Android Things. As Google has refreshed what Google Assistant can do with brilliant presentations, the Lenovo Smart Display's rundown of highlights has gotten progressively strong.

As previously, you can issue any of the voice directions you could provide for a conventional Google Home ($99 at Walmart) keen speaker. Despite everything you'll see additional, supportive data on various inquiries. Get some information about the climate and you'll see the gauge. Check for spots to eat and you'll see close-by eatery pics and hours. You can likewise utilize the screen to watch recordings on YouTube. You can make video calls. You can check your timetable, peruse family pics or let Google Assistant talk you through the point by point ventures of a formula as you cook.

While the majority of this usefulness stays flawless, you would now be able to swipe down from the highest point of the screen to get to an efficient savvy home control board. You can set a consequently refreshing collection of family photographs as your surrounding mode screensaver. You can see suggestions for formulas dependent on the season and you'll before long have the capacity to spare your top picks to a cookbook. In time, you'll even have the capacity to utilize the Lenovo Smart Display as a translator to converse with somebody who talks an alternate language.

Therefore, the Lenovo Smart Display is better than anyone might have expected, yet I would never again suggest it as generally as I did in July. At the time, it didn't have much challenge outside of the awkward first-gen Amazon Echo Show. Presently, Amazon has a second-age Echo Show that is vastly improved, and you can locate a few other shrewd showcases with Google Assistant inherent, including one from Google itself called the Google Home Hub that costs not exactly the Lenovo show.

By the by, the Lenovo Smart Display is as yet the most snappy of the bundle, particularly the $250 demonstrate with a 10-inch touchscreen and a bamboo back. The $200 8-inch demonstrate with a dim back isn't as striking, however it's similarly as able. Generally speaking, Google's keen shows still handle performing various tasks and cooking superior to anything the Echo Show. The $150 Google Home Hub is the best decision in case you're spending plan disapproved and searching for something adorable. The $250 JBL Link View ($250 at Amazon) has the best stable quality. Run with the Lenovo Smart Display in the event that you need a model that is balanced and feels like a top notch contraption implied for an a la mode kitchen.

lenovo-keen showcase 4

Lenovo Smart Display gives Google Home a supportive touchscreen


What can the Lenovo Smart Display do?

On account of the implicit Google Assistant UI, the Lenovo Smart Display offers a similar expansiveness of voice-controlled highlights as a Google Home speaker. State the wake words "Hello, Google" or "alright, Google" trailed by a direction or an inquiry and Google Assistant will react. You can play music, tune in to a web recording or the radio, look into the importance of a word, add something to your shopping list, purchase something from Google Express and control in excess of 10,000 diverse brilliant home gadgets.

Like Amazon's aide Alexa, Google Assistant has a broad rundown of highlights and capacities. I won't go into each voice-controlled component, however you can get up to speed with all that you have to think about Google Home and Google Assistant here.

Beginning with your keen presentation

Rather than running the full Android working framework, the Lenovo Smart Display utilizes Android Things. Android Things is a streamlined variant of Google's Android portable OS intended to control savvy home gadgets. On the Lenovo Smart Display, Android Things runs a tweaked variant of Google Assistant customized to a medium-remove client experience.

Make an inquiry, and the Lenovo Smart Display indicates information in a sufficiently expansive configuration that you can peruse it from over the room. You can't download applications, pull up a program window, make an email or type in any sense. The touchscreen is implied more as a supplement to the voice colleague than as a vigorous registering interface. It's not as highlight rich as a tablet, yet the Lenovo Smart Display is more affordable than most bleeding edge tablets. It additionally incorporates better speakers, an all the more finely tuned receiver and the altered Google Assistant experience that improves it fit to giving data initially from a separation.

lenovo-keen showcase with-google-colleague 3292-013View full display

The even 10-inch show we tried incorporates a 2-inch, 10-watt speaker. The vertical 8-inch show has a 1.75-inch, 10-watt speaker and marginally lower goals (1,280x800 versus 1,920x1,200 pixels). Everything else is the equivalent between the two.

Fitting in the Lenovo Smart Display and it prompts you to experience the setup procedure utilizing the Google Home application. You can allocate the Smart Display to any rooms you've officially settled in the application, and it's savvy enough to consider various Google Home speakers in the event that you effectively claim a couple. On the off chance that more than one speaker hears you issue a voice order, they can figure out which one you're nearest to, so just that one reacts to you.

Among different customizations, you can utilize the application to modify the encompassing showcase that flies on the screen when you're not utilizing it. I preferred the antiquated clock, however you can likewise demonstrate individual photographs from your photograph collection, Facebook photographs or grand stock photographs. You can include the time and current climate to any of the encompassing screens.

An ongoing update enables Google's AI to minister a collection of late photographs for you for the surrounding mode, and the component works great. You can advise the showcase to demonstrate photos of your children, for instance, and it will locate the best ones in your Google Photos collection. Even better, on the off chance that you take more, Google will naturally add them to the blend.

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My most loved surrounding screen was the least difficult.

Chris Monroe/CNET

When you're set up, you'll have to begin most capacities with a voice direction, however you can likewise contact the screen or ask follow-up inquiries to get more data. The screen proves to be useful for general hunts, checking the figure, shopping, discovering nourishment actualities and then some.

Include voice acknowledgment as you would on any Google Home speaker, and you can empower individual data on the screen. You would then be able to alter your timetable and include updates. State an order, and you'll see a little box show up at the highest point of the screen that demonstrates the words it hears as you talk. That sort of visual criticism is helpful for revealing to you which words Google probably won't have heard accurately.

You'll have to keep the screen situated on a level plane more often than not, yet you can flip it vertically when you're making a video call. You can call organizations or any of your contacts with a voice order and in the event that they have Google Duo (which is a free application on iOS and Android), you can have a video visit. As you'd expect, your gathering on the video call will change dependent on the quality of your Wi-Fi flag. With a tolerable flag on the two finishes, I had the capacity to reliably have an unmistakable discussion, however the image wasn't constantly fresh.

You can likewise look through and watch recordings on YouTube, YouTube TV, HBO Now, Google Play Movies and TV and Crackle. You can request the news and alter your news channel. Some news sources incorporate recordings also. The HD screen charges best when watching recordings. Motion picture trailers from YouTube looked and sounded especially incredible.

You can purchase the Lenovo Smart Display now. You'll see it in significant hardware retailers, for example, Best Buy and Walmart. Once more, the model with the 10-inch screen and bamboo complete expenses $250, while the 8-inch dim model is $200.

The two items are US-just for the time being, however given the manner in which Google's progressively extended the region of Google Home, I'd anticipate that both should be accessible abroad a little while later. The US cost for the 10-inch form changes over to generally £180 or AU$315, yet we'll refresh when we have genuine costs.

The most compelling motivation I enjoyed the Lenovo Smart Display over the first Echo Show was its ability in the kitchen, and that advantage holds despite the fact that the second-age Show made noteworthy walks here. Alexa and the Show can seek formulas and show the subtleties, however the Lenovo Smart Display can walk you through the entire procedure well ordered, so you can really depend on it to give important help while you cook.

In a perfect touch, you can look for a formula on your telephone and send it to your presentation when you discover one you like. On the off chance that your Android telephone has Google Assistant implicit, you'll see a "Send to Google Home" catch underneath certain good formulas. Press it and you can ask Google Assistant on your savvy show to begin the formula and you're fully operational. The usefulness even chips away at iPhones in the event that you download the Google Assistant application.

You can likewise look for a formula with your voice on the Smart Display itself and look through your choices for a wide assortment of dinners. Pick one and it demonstrates to you an outline with the majority of the fundamental advances and fixings. A major "begin formula" catch sits at the base of the screen for you to tap when prepared, or you can make history with a voice order.

The Lenovo Smart Display will begin formula help by going over the fixings one by one. When you begin an undertaking with a tap or a voice direction, you can come back to the past screen whenever by looking over ideal from the left edge of the screen. You can likewise look up from the base to get to a speedy settings menu that incorporates splendor and volume.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Google Assistant strolls you through every fixing one by one both by voice and content, and you can skirt forward whenever. When you're taking a gander at the headings, the fixing list remains on the correct side of the screen, and the Smart Display keeps this screen dynamic while you work without returning to your surrounding or home screen.

The formula mode has a group of cool additional items. You can look through bearings with a touch, at that point say, "Hello, Google, subsequent stage" and it will progress dependent on where you quit looking, rather than returning to where you were the point at which you last gave it a voice direction. On the off chance that a stage requests that you include a fixing, you can twofold check the amount you need in the board on the right, or simply ask and Google Assistant will comprehend what you're alluding to and answer.

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The Smart Display has accommodating formula help. You can likewise perform multiple tasks and return ideal to the latest relevant point of interest.

Chris Monroe/CNET

While you're cooking, you can set clocks, add things to your shopping list, play recordings or music, or do whatever else you may need to on your Smart Display to engage yourself while you work. When you're prepared for the subsequent stage, simply direction it to "Resume cooking" and it will get the latest relevant point of interest. You can even respite a YouTube video, change to the formula to check the subsequent stage, and switch back and the Smart Display will keep your place in the video as well.

On the off chance that you don't have a clue how to slash onions or legitimately singe your steak, simply inquire. Google Assistant discovered responses to practically any cooking inquiries I could think to solicit, and more often than not it began a going with guidance video from YouTube. At the point when the video was finished playing I again could jump directly back to my formula.

In case you're a chaotic cook, the Lenovo Smart Display isn't waterproof, yet it has an antifingerprint and water-repellant treatment, and it's fixed to oppose splatter.

Before long, you'll even have the capacity to spare formulas to a cookbook so you can rapidly discover and begin your top picks. You'll see the "Add to My Cookbook" catch close to the "Begin Recipe" catch on the outline screen before you begin.

A remarkable looker

By and large, the Lenovo Smart Display is an engaging bundle, the bamboo-upheld 10-inch demonstrate particularly. The shading helped me to remember a cutting board, so it should look incredible in many kitchens.

The back bends away into a coordinated kickstand that settles the screen vertically or on a level plane. Something else, the gadget is pleasingly dainty, with volume controls and a quiet catch along the main, a physical screen along one side and a speaker on the other.

Given the developing field of rivalry, the stylishly satisfying equipment is especially critical for the Lenovo Smart Display. The Google Home Hub is a superior section point since it just expenses $150. It's littler, with a 7-inch screen, and cuter with a texture back you can get in an assortment of hues. The $250 JBL Link View and the $300 LG WK9 don't look as sharp, yet both offer better stable quality. The Google Home Hub additionally does not have a camera and every single other model have one.

Something else, these Google Assistant-based brilliant presentations offer a similar rundown of highlights and capacities. The majority of the outsider models are based on a similar Android Things working framework. The Home Hub should be, given how comparative the screen looks practically speaking, yet Google custom-made its very own Chromecast working framework for it.

Google's shrewd showcases from models to completed items.

The sound nature of the Lenovo Smart Display is truly great. I couldn't hear any twisting, even on complex tracks at high volume. It offers a particular advance up from the Google Home Hub, which strangely doesn't sound much superior to anything the little Google Home Mini. The Lenovo Display can't exactly siphon out sound at a similar volume as the JBL or LG brilliant showcases. JBL specifically balances its sound with a blasting bass, however Lenovo's model sounds fine for ambient melodies.

Lenovo's mics weren't terrible in our tests. They performed comparable to if not marginally superior to anything the field of Google Assistant showcases, yet they weren't in the same class as those in the Echo Show. In the case of everything is tranquil, you can converse with it from an adjoining room on the off chance that you talk up. You'll have to talk up and be in a similar room in the event that you need it to hear you over foundation commotion or music. The Echo Show heard me talking all the more unobtrusively, and from more remote away, both in a calm room and over music. The Echo Show's speakers likewise play music with somewhat more oomph - it's more comparable to the JBL Link View.

The Echo Show is in reality superior to anything the Lenovo Smart Display and Google's other savvy shows at a few assignments. You can utilize the Show as a radio and "drop in" on the video feed of relatives who additionally have a Show without the individual on the less than desirable end expecting to get the call. They can set a Do Not Disturb mode to impair the component, yet it's a useful touch in case you're worried about a youthful tyke or your parent falling.

With Google, you can communicate a message from your shrewd showcase to all Google Assistant gadgets associated with a similar record. Any individual who hears your message can likewise react to your communicate, however this element doesn't include video.

Pursuit eateries, and the Show will list the initial three it finds. You can say "Alexa, next three" or tell it to scroll right and it will. The Smart Display isn't as liquid at looking over. You can look with your voice, yet the screen just moves a little at any given moment. The Echo Show additionally has more amusements that utilize the screen than the Lenovo Smart Display. Alexa's adaptation of Jeopardy is especially fun, and I value having the capacity to see the inquiries on the screen. The freshest Echo Show likewise offers full program support through Firefox and Amazon Silk.

At long last, Amazon's "Tap to Alexa" mode for the Show makes it simpler for those with hearing or discourse weaknesses to utilize the gadget. The Show will offer adaptable easy routes on the home screen that you can contact to enact, and you can likewise type an Alexa direction. Lenovo's Display can't yet coordinate this availability.

tap-to-alexaView full exhibition

Amazon's Tap to Alexa include upgrades the Echo Show's openness.


While I'm nitpicking the Lenovo Smart Display, I wish you had alternatives for video calls other than Duo, for example, Google Hangouts or Skype. I'd likewise have loved a progressively strong incorporation for games details. You can discover the score of an amusement, yet the Lenovo Smart Display doesn't give enough subtleties to utilize it for dream football.


Augment Image

You can send formulas from your telephone to the showcase or get headings from the presentation to your telephone.

Screen capture by Andrew Gebhart/CNET

You can cast YouTube recordings from your telephone to the Smart Display, however Netflix content is bolted out, and you can't get to Netflix recordings with a voice order either. You likewise can't yet utilize Google's new "proceeded with discussion" mode on the Smart Display. You need to state the wake words each time you need to give it a direction - the mic doesn't remain hot for various directions in grouping.

In any case, starting at now, Google Assistant offers a more cleaned savvy show involvement than Alexa. You can play YouTube recordings on the Echo Show, yet not with a voice order - you need to utilize the programs. The Lenovo Smart Display is completely coordinated with YouTube. Google pulled local playback rights from the Show after a debate between the two tech monsters.

The Lenovo Smart Display offers increasingly itemized headings and coordinates with Google Maps when you're endeavoring to discover a spot. You set the area of the Smart Display in settings and you can even send headings to an eatery to your telephone after you find where you need to eat.

Given Alexa's ability at controlling the savvy home on different gadgets, I was most amazed to find that the Lenovo Smart Display was a superior control point for the keen home than the Show.

Getting settled in the keen home

lenovo-keen presentation 5View full display

The customized home screen can demonstrate your updates and logbook arrangements. In the event that you don't need your housemates to see your schedule, you can pull individual information from this screen in the application settings on your telephone.

On account of Google Assistant, you can control a wide assortment of shrewd gadgets with the Lenovo Smart Display. You'll have to match up your associated contraptions with your Google account through the Google Home application, at that point you can control them with your voice similarly as you would with a Google Home. Even better, after you give a voice order, you'll see a control screen for your gadget, giving you a chance to adjust the direction. 

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