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The BULLS SIX50 EVO AM 4 is an all-mountain electric bicycle running the demonstrated Bosch CX engine and casing incorporated Bosch PowerPack 500. It's very much adjusted and solid, including more extensive Boost center point separating, through axles, and hefty estimated Schwalbe Magic Mary tires that diminish diversion, improve footing, and give buoy to the heavier bicycle. Contrasted with the 2018 model, which utilized a Shimano drivetrain, the 2019 SIX50 EVO 4 SRAM is really two pounds lighter, yet at the same time comes in at generally 54.4lbs. Beside the Fox Factory stuns, Magura MT7 water driven circle brakes with carbon fiber switches, SRAM EAGLE X11 12-speed drivetrain, and PowerTube batttery, something that truly separates this model from other driving items for 2019 is the shading Bosch Kiox show board.
Bulls Six50 Evo Am 4 Sram Electric Bike Review
It's energizing to see and experience the best in class ebike equipment from a main brand with a developing system of shops in North America. Bulls has been selling in the USA since 2016 and their autonomous bike vendors give progressing administration and guarantee support. The SIX50 EVO AM 4 comes in three edge sizes, which are extraordinary to involvement face to face, and you'll see the slanted top cylinder for increasingly agreeable standover. Moreover, I truly acknowledge dropper situate posts that don't have pre-set positions. The Kind Shock LEV SI dropper comes in three lengths to suit the three diverse casing sizes. Additionally, while many contending full suspension ebikes battle to fit on jug confine managers, BULLS has run well beyond with the attractive MonkeyLink downtube mount and two wired-in MonkeyLink light interfaces. The stem and seat post clasp work with an entire scope of frill, including a back bumper choice. The front lamp configuration isn't aimable and the double light pack costs $170, which is somewhat high as I would like to think, however they're exceptionally utilitarian and simple to evacuate for weight reserve funds on the off chance that you realize you'll be back before the sun goes down. To put it plainly, you're getting an incredibly tough, able, and lovely electric bicycle here. Bulls offers a specced-down model called the EVO AM 3 for individuals who need to spare some coin and approve of RockShox suspension and a Shimano XT drivetrain. I really lean toward the trigger shifters from Shimano in light of the fact that the high switch moves in the two bearings (forward or back), and the low switch can do multi moving. Shimano likewise offers a single direction grasp include on their derailleur… which is the thing that we saw with the 2018 SIX50 EVO AM 4, it had Shimano XTR. SRAM has their own roller grasp highlight to make back wheel support simpler, and the derailleur moves fast and clean, I'm simply progressively used to Shimano. Anyway, the EVO AM 3 utilizes a similar battery setup and engine as the AM 4 however comes in dull dark and neon green versus the uncovered silver Aluminum here.

Driving this ebike is an incredible mid-engine from Bosch called the Performance Line CX. It offers 350 to 570 watts of intensity yield, and up to 75 Newton meters of torque relying upon the dimension of help being utilized. In the event that you live in Europe, this framework might be appraised at 250 to 500 watts and constrained to 25 km/h versus 20 mph (32 km/h), yet despite everything it conveys high torque. The engine controller tunes in to raise wheel speed utilizing a magnet and electronic sensor on the left chain remain, pedal rhythm, and pedal torque signals, more than 1,000 times each second. These signs enable it to begin and stop right away to keep you in charge… which is particularly significant in a specialized mountain setting. Past help, this engine controller is additionally tuning in for strain changes in the chain, coming about because of rigging moving. When it detects these information sources, it advises the engine to dial down so as to diminish crushing and rigging granulating. It is anything but an ideal framework, and you can help it by diminishing power on the pedals yourself as you change gears, yet it's something that just Bosch is truly doing at this moment. There have been a couple of equipment driven move identification structures throughout the years (from Impulse and Bafang accomplices) however the product arrangement that Bosch has created is a genuine differentiator. I cherish how BULLS has calculated the engine and tucked it up into the casing so as to augment ground freedom and abbreviate the powerful chain stay length for a snapper ride feel. Outwardly, the engine doesn't mix into the casing as pleasantly as though it had a silver packaging, yet the neon orange aluminum slide plate sets off the fork sticker and name highlights around the casing and tires. This engine turns a solitary chainring with 16 teeth (one more than the 15t chainring on the 2018 model), to augment beginning and climbing power while taking into account high top rates. It adjusts the more extensive 11 to 50 tooth tape impeccably and is generally proportional to a customary 40 tooth chainring. The chainring turns at 2.5 upheavals for each wrench transformation on the grounds that the engine has a decrease rigging to give a mechanical favorable position. I'm informed that the littler chainring builds chain get however seen that it can likewise convey the chain nearer to the correct chain remain and potentially take into account chain suck in exceptionally sloppy conditions. The Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive unit is additionally the most power ravenous and most intense of the Bosch lineup and it gauges more at 8.8lbs. However, once more, that weight is situated low and focused alongside the battery pack for ideal parity and steadiness. Anticipate unwavering quality, incredible power, dynamic ride encounters with eMTB mode, and an expansion in clamor at high pedal rates. All Bosch Performance Line engines bolster pedal rates up to 120 RPM, which enable them to keep supporting you amid gigantic downshifting, riding into a precarious slope. For considerably more subtleties and film, look at my independent Bosch CX engine survey in the EBR gatherings.

Controlling the bicycle is a high limit Bosch PowerTube 500 battery which offers 36 volts and 13.4 amp hours for an aggregate of 482.4 watt hours. Bosch has been providing ebike batteries to North America since 2013 and is outstanding for unwavering quality and cross similarity between various brands. That is less basic now with the PowerTube, in light of the fact that there is a vertical mount and side mount alternative, and every maker can select a custom interface and spread. BULLS has picked a base burden configuration that is anything but difficult to click in without requiring a key however can be somewhat dubious to expel… their aluminum compound spreads look extraordinary, yet include about a pound of weight and are shading coordinated so don't look great on the off chance that you swap between various bicycle models. With respect to the PowerTube battery, there's no convey circle at the top or side, which implies you need to utilize additional consideration associating and disengaging it from the edge. Iit still has a 5-LED battery pointer on the end (close to the charging port) so you can rapidly pass judgment on limit regardless of whether you store it independently from the bicycle outline. I quite often take the pack off before lifting the bicycle for administration or transport. The charging port of the battery is recreated on the left half of the bicycle outline, close to the base of the downtube, so you can charge without evacuating the battery unfailingly. The thing is, this port is found exceptionally close to one side wrench arm and I could envision an obstacle or detach in case you're charging and knock the pedals… it likewise appeared as though the defensive elastic top for this port didn't situate as effectively as some contending plans. The PowerTube battery pack requires a touch of additional adaptability and persistence to expel from the casing. To start with, you need to embed the key and open it, at that point the pack kind of flies out (downwards) a large portion of an inch close to the head tube. Now, the pack is opened yet it won't turn out totally. To completely discharge it, you need to press a little plastic catch inside the split, all while endeavoring to adjust the bicycle outline on the grounds that there's no kickstand. The left chain stay really has a 20mm kickstand mounting point on the off chance that you wish to utilize it, however a stand would include weight shake a round always in unpleasant landscape. Anyway, I have generally little fingers, so it wasn't too hard to even think about removing the pack. When you really press the catch, the pack is totally free at the top and will swing down towards the front tire. It weighs about 7.2lbs aggregate, with the joined metal shield, so anticipate a touch of weight and please try to remain cautious not to drop the battery since they resemble $900 to supplant. Once more, the PowerTube battery for BULLS doesn't have a handle inherent, and with the metal shield it gauges more than the more seasoned Powerpack… and, since it's descending versus resting as you lift up, it just appears to be progressively unstable. Maybe that is the reason Bosch encased the PowerTube itself in an Aluminum compound box. As a side note, to best think about the lithium-particle cells that are pressed inside the PowerTube, I have heard that you ought to abstain from putting away it in outrageous warmth or cold, and that you should abandon it around half full for significant lots of neglect versus totally full or void. Charging the pack is quick and simple with the included 4 amp Bosch charger. It is one of my preferred chargers since it is so minimal and lightweight at ~1.7 lbs. You will most likely have better karma staying this charger into a knapsack than attempting to bring along a second PowerTube battery to expand go. Bosch offers a minimized travel charger that conveys 2 amps, however it's solitary 0.5lbs lighter and only somewhat slimmer, so I'd most likely simply stay with the first. All in all, I feel that the PowerTube battery offers a blended pack of advantages and exchange offs. It's covered up, situated low, doesn't shake, and offers a generally high limit, however is substantial and less simple to swap and use with a second pack on account of the screwed-on shield plan. For significantly more subtleties and film, look at my Bosch PowerTube audit in the EBR discussions.

A standout amongst the most observable changes for 2019 is the Bosch Kiox show board versus the Bosch Purion. This thing has a shading LCD, Gorilla glass screen, dynamic Micro-USB charging port, associates by means of magnets and is removable, however can't be balanced for glare since it mounts in a fixed position over the stem. As far as genuine use, the Kiox gives increasingly nitty gritty menu readouts; including 1% ventured battery rate versus a five-bar infographic with more extensive 20% advances. Its shading readout gives a quick and agreeable approach to decipher help levels (dark for Off, blue for Eco, green for Tour, yellow/gold for Sport or eMTb, and red for Turbo). The screen on the Kiox is littler than Intuvia, however the hues make it simpler to decipher from numerous points of view without squinting and really read. In light of how it's mounted, my estimate is that the Kiox may likewise take less harm if the bicycle tips or crashes. I believe it's really intended to fly off versus splitting the mounting section when enduring direct shots. Associating with the showcase includes some catch clicking. You start by charging and mounting the battery, at that point press the power catch on the showcase unit. The Kiox has power and lights catches situated juste underneath the screen. Most connections are done through a remote catch cushion which is mounted inside reach of the left grasp. This cushion has a +, - , left, right, and select catch, alongside a walk mode catch on the top edge. It boots up in the second view, demonstrating your help level with a whirling shading infographic. diverse pieces of the twirl line fill dependent on how much power you apply as a rider and how much power the engine applies, when dynamic. You can bolt left or appropriate to change screen readouts, and I particularly like the ones towards the right, which demonstrate a range gauge dependent on residual battery limit and the last mile of riding. Shockingly, the Kiox expects you to click right or left to get past, and does not circle back to the begin for accommodation… and this requires more hand exertion and time. Maybe Bosch will refresh this later on, on the grounds that the Kiox comes with Bluetooth reconciliation and will probably interface with a cell phone application. For the time being, Bluetooth is by all accounts saved for use with reseller's exchange pulse screens. I'm exploring this item in North America, however Europe is somewhat ahead with the discharge and applications. The two markets contrast somewhat and I'd prescribe working with your nearby vendor to find out more and get help with programming refreshes. Alright, everything considered, the Kiox is an astounding showcase units. It brings a ton of upgrades over Purion and Intuvia while adding a touch to the value point. For more data and photos of the Kiox, I've made a guide in the EBR gatherings here.

All things considered, the SIX50 EVO AM 4 is a top-end enduro electric trail blazing bicycle with fantastic suspension and some appreciated refinements for 2019. I welcome that they changed to ABUS locking center for the battery, since it accompanies a scratched alike card that gives you a chance to arrange coordinating lock embellishments. The new Kiox show takes the minimal size and solidness of the Purion with the removability and utilitarian Micro-USB charging port and more profound input of Intuvia. The new Magura MT7 brake switches offer instrument free reach and toss alter, which is something I once in a while observe, and the back caliper currently offers quad cylinder versus double cylinder previously. This electric bicycle is agreeable, responsive, profoundly movable (with bounce back, pressure, and hang modify on the stuns), and the majority of the suspension stanchions are anodized with the Fox Kashima covering to slide easily and be extreme. I even like the holds that were picked, yet the Fizik saddle is somewhat round and hard for my taste and the pedals are simply fundamental confines that can without much of a stretch get bowed and become sharp… so I'd supplant those. As usual, I welcome adjustments and input in the remark segment beneath and welcome you to post your own surveys, pictures, and make companions in the Bulls Ebike gatherings.


Absolutely custom edge with smooth engine mix to expand ground leeway, concealed battery and incorporated wires, three edge sizes to look over so you can dial in fit and solace (I investigated the Medium 49cm)

The slanted top cylinder is intended to bring down standover stature and help you venture off without racking yourself if the landscape is temperamental or delicate

Best in class suspension from Fox, the 150mm travel length is perfect for Trail and All-Mountain riding, more extensive 36mm suspension fork stanchions give solidness and solidarity to the fork which is significant given the thicker 15mm through pivot with more extensive Boost center point separating and heavier hefty estimated tires, the two stuns offer, bounce back, pressure (climb, trail, plunge), and pneumatic stress alterations for various body loads and territory

Lift center point separating likewise gives a more grounded supporting edge to the spokes, the two wheels connect with durable through axles and the edges and tires come tubeless prepared for simple change to spare weight and ride with lower PSI

The suspension configuration looks like split-rotate which is extraordinary for secluding vertical development and decreasing chain kickback, it brakes well yet experiences a bit weave amid trips (so the pressure change on the back stun is decent to have)

The edge comes stock with MonkeyLink light and bumper connection focuses, in the event that you add lights to the stem and seat post clip they will keep running off of the primary battery pack which is advantageous… the lights are brisk and simple to evacuate to diminish weight and mess in case you're not hoping to ride in obscurity

I cherish the attractive MonkeyLink bottle confine connector on the downtube, it's extraordinary to include liquids inside reach and many contending electric trail blazing bicycles (particularly full suspension models) simply don't have space for this sort of thing, for the individuals who aren't excited with the $46 bottle frill, you can evacuate the attractive dock and mount standard secondary selling parts (confines, collapsing lock, smaller than usual siphon and so forth.)

Extraordinary seat post dropper from Kind Shock, it comes in a few lengths to coordinate the bicycle outline measure and enables you to change the stature wherever you need versus set interims, I feel like this kind of adornment has turned out to be standard on higher estimated all mountain and enduro electric bicycles

Updated SRAM Eagle 12-speed drivetrain with huge 11-50 tooth tape versus the more established SIX50 EVO model which accompanied Shimano XTR 11-46 tooth tape

Premium Magura MT7 pressure driven plate brakes with huge 203mm front rotor offering influence and cooling benefits, quad cylinder calipers give greatest get, CARBOTeCTURe switches lessen weight and offer flexible reach and toss for various hand sizes and gloves versus no gloves

I truly like the Ergon GD1 Factory Frozen holds utilized on this bicycle and haven't seen them on numerous different models, they are locking, have an elastic internal gatekeeper, a semi-ergonomic structure, and adjusted versus level for agreeable use with mountain biking gloves

The high volume Schwalbe Magic Mary tires offer great footing, diminished redirection off of rocks, skim in delicate territory, and they are appraised EVOLUTION which signifies "the absolute best conceivable made with high evaluation materials and the most recent innovation" you get TLE tubeless simple, and strong APX strengthened sidewalls

BULLS has added a little amalgam watchman to decrease trouser leg contact with the chain and chainring, I cherish how conservative they figured out how to make their engine packaging, and welcome the shading coordinating and extreme slide plate underneath, there's likewise a little shield ensuring the stanchion on the back stun so it won't get filthy and chipped up after some time

Likewise with most top of the line electric bikes, the majority of the links and wires are inside steered through the edge here, it looks pleasant and decreases the potential for obstacles

The casing accompanies kickstand arrangements towards the back of the left chain remain, in the event that you do include one for urban riding, it shouldn't act as a burden while accelerating and won't cause pedal lock, BULLS utilizes the Standwell SW-RA032J on their urban models like the ICONIC EVO TR 1

BULLS fabricated their battery lock plan with an ABUS locking center, and they accompany a little card that has a code on it so you can arrange coordinating locks and different extras, this is a novel program that could enable you to lessen mess on your keychain and request substitution scratches all the more effectively

Given the high-limit Bosch PowerTube 500 battery, it's decent that BULLS picked to incorporate the quicker four amp charger, it's moderately lightweight at ~1.7lbs and genuinely minimized, so you can convey it along on rides to finish off when taking a break

With the Bosch Performance Line CX engine you gain admittance to high torque yield, up to 75 newton meters, and eMTB drive mode which progressively reacts to your accelerating for low and high power yield without interfacing with the presentation, it depends more on torque and was created with contribution from master off-road bicycle riders by Bosch, it works really well and feels characteristic

The Bosch engine controller is amazingly shrewd and reliable, it gauges back wheel speed, pedal rhythm, and pedal torque more than 1,000 every second while additionally tuning in for weight changes from moving and after that dialing down, this shields the drivetrain a bit from squashing

Another incredible element with Bosch Performance Line engines is that they can bolster higher pedal rates without becoming dim and losing power, you can achieve 120 RPM (pedal strokes every moment) and the engine will in any case be there for you, this enables you to downshift while going into a slope without losing support With the majority of the Bosch engines, there's a change identification programming framework worked in that can detect that gears are being changed and it attempts to dial down of the ability to decrease strain on the drivetrain, it's not flawless but rather it's superior to nothing and truly proves to be useful with a 12 speed drivetrain!

The bicycle has walk mode empowered, which is particularly valuable on the off chance that you experience a segment of street or trail that you aren't open to riding or possibly you get a punctured tire, taking into account that the bicycle weighs ~60 lbs and has pannier racks for freight, it could be extremely pleasant to get help going it along in certain circumstances

Battery and engine weight are kept low and focus on the edge which improves strength and taking care of, with the fundamental triangle segment open on this electric bicycle, you can all the more effectively lift it and drape it from some vehicle and transport racks

The battery pack can be charged on or off the bicycle outline (for accommodation, battery security, and decreased load for transport), I suggest putting away lithium-particle battery packs in a cool dry area to keep the cells sound, do whatever it takes not to store it underneath half over significant lots

Dissimilar to some other Bosch PowerTube battery usage, this one can be constrained into spot without utilizing the way to open the center, simply push on it and tune in for a tick to realize that it's safely mounted

Only one out of every odd electric bike organization has aced the structure stylish of coordinating the Bosch engine just as BULLS has, as I would like to think, see how it's calculated up and joined into the seat cylinder and downtube to raise ground leeway, it truly mixes in contrasted with the huge plastic lodging utilized by numerous different organizations

Cooperating with the showcase is instinctive and sufficiently straightforward that you truly don't need to look down that frequently once you get its hang, the catch cushion is situated inside reach of the left grasp and creates a material snap

I cherish that Kiox is shading since it's anything but difficult to decipher which help level you're in without squinting to peruse a little text style, I adore that it records battery rate notwithstanding range gauge for progressively exact excursion arranging, and I cherish that Bosch is dealing with Bluetooth applications which could synchronize with pulse screens and different gadgets later on

The Kiox show is all around secured at the focal point of the bar, is associated through magnets and can be evacuated effectively, utilizes Gorilla Glass so it won't scratch up like plastic, and it offers Micro-USB charging for versatile hardware

Magnificent multi year guarantee covers everything on the bicycle, including the engine, battery, and show framework with a huge system of sellers in the US and different pieces of the world who can help with fit and support


This ebike is on the substantial side at 54.4lbs on the grounds that it has more extensive Boost center dividing, durable through axles, high volume tires, and the heavier Bosch PowerTube battery with compound packaging… however at any rate you can evacuate the battery to diminish that weight by generally 7.2lbs and the front wheel has brisk discharge, it's really ~2lbs lighter than the more established SIX50 EVO as a result of the carbon brake switches, SRAM drivetrain, and different refinements

Similarly as with any top notch electric bicycle with name brand parts and a main drive framework that is specially coordinated into the edge, this ebike costs more cash, yet at any rate it is sold through vendors who can offer help and accompanies an incredible 2+ year thorough guarantee

The Bosch CX engine is responsive and ground-breaking yet additionally draws vitality quicker, delivers more commotion, and gauges more than contending items like the Shimano STePs E8000 or Yamaha mid-drive

The Bosch Performance Line engines are heavier and bigger than the Brose S, Shimano E8000, and Yamaha PW-X while additionally having a more extensive least Q-Factor (so the base section can be more extensive), yet that is not an immense issue given the more extensive Boost center point separating and bigger tires on this ebike

Since the engine utilizes decrease outfitting framework with a littler 15 tooth chainring (which turns 2.5 transformations for each wrench upset), you end up with some contact if the engine isn't helping, this includes only a pinch of work… yet the upside is that the littler sprocket gets the chain well and offers a mechanical preferred standpoint tot he engine

Minor issue here, the front MonkeyLink association point is fixed, so you can't alter the edge of the fog light as you can with many contending jolt on lights from Busch and Müller, Supernova, Fuxon and others

The Powertube battery isn't accessible in a littler 400 watt hour arrangement (that could decrease weight and cost less as an extra), it might be hard to lease on area or to convey independently in view of the long measurements and additional protecting piece, it appears as though you'd need to unscrew that from the first pack and re-connect to work with a second battery… it's simply not so flexible as the more seasoned PowerPack batteries

The area of the battery charging port on the left half of the bicycle outline is quite near the left wrench arm, and really hinders the pivot way when connected, simply be mindful so as not to knock the pedals when the bicycle is connected, or consider charging the battery off the bicycle, the elastic spread defender for this port is additionally somewhat finicky to get in (at any rate for me)

I'm not a gigantic enthusiast of confine pedals like the ones included with the BULLS SIX50 EVO AM 4 since they don't offer a ton of surface territory and can without much of a stretch curve and become sharp when laying the bicycle down on its side, consider swapping for some Wellgo composite or magnesium stage pedals in case you're worried about slipping off or have bigger feet

I don't care for the SRAM trigger shifters as much as Shimano in light of the fact that they just offer a solitary advance versus multi-move and the two switches just go ahead versus two-path on the high switch from Shimano.

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