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Checkout This Weatherproof Outdoor Motion Sensor

The Philips Hue line of lights have been controllable by means of an indoor movement sensor for quite a while, however Signify is today presenting an Outdoor Motion Sensor that is intended to control the scope of outside Hue lights that are currently accessible for procurement.

The Outdoor Motion Sensor works simply like the indoor Smart Motion Sensor, computerizing your lights and other HomeKit items to come on when movement is recognized and mood killer when there's no movement identified, all on a programmed premise.

Likewise with all Hue items, the Outdoor Motion Sensor is intended to work with a center point, so a Hue center and Hue lights are required to utilize the item, despite the fact that it can interface with other HomeKit gadgets.


The Outdoor Motion Sensor is little and moderately unpretentious, however it has a plan that stands out to some degree, so it's not by any means unnoticeable. It includes a square-molded plastic lodging with a jutting white circle where sunshine and movement sensors are implicit.

At the back, Outdoor Motion Sensor includes a mounting plate and an assortment of mounting choices so you can put it any place it works best. There's a possibility for a level divider or mounting it at a corner, which would take into account most extreme perspective on a carport, garden, or portal.

I live in a condo so I'm not ready to do divider mounting, however I'm including this picture of the Outdoor Motion Sensor from Amazon to demonstrate the various ways that it very well may be mounted - level, on an internal corner, or on an outwards-confronting corner. For testing purposes, I have tall retires outside where I keep plants, which is the thing that I utilized, so it additionally doesn't really should be for all time mounted to function admirably.

You can screw the Outdoor Motion Sensor into the divider outside, and the equipment that you need is incorporated (divider sections, screws, and screw plugs), making it easy to get ready for action. There is a worked in battery inside the Outdoor Motion Sensor that should keep going for around two years, so you don't have to stress over charging it. It's utilizing AA batteries, so when the included batteries are depleted, it won't be a problem to get a substitution.

The packaging of the Outdoor Motion Sensor is IP54 water safe, so it can hold up to rain, snow, and other awful climate, however you won't have any desire to submerge it.


The movement detecting highlight in the Outdoor Motion Sensor can recognize development from up to 39 feet away, which is a more drawn out range than the indoor sensor. I couldn't test the full range, however set up and tried both inside and in my lawn, it had the option to dependably recognize my development close up and as far away as 25 feet.

The Outdoor Motion Sensor's focal point includes a 160 degree field of view, which is like something like a fisheye focal point, which means it can take in a considerable amount of the scene before it. The focal point has likewise been intended to recognize development legitimately underneath it with a 80 degree vertical view, restricting vulnerable sides.

You have to associate the Outdoor Motion Sensor to a Philips Hue center point and Philips Hue lights, so while it works from 39 feet away, it should be close enough to the center point or a Hue light to work.

The Outdoor Motion Sensor can work with indoor or open air lights from Hue (and with other HomeKit lights). It's valuable for illuminating the open air territory when movement is recognized, but at the same time it's convenient for turning on the lights inside when you return home from work or when somebody draws near. In case you're not home and have the lights inside gone ahead consequently with movement recognition, it can possibly be a decent robbery obstruction.

There are really a couple of various sensors incorporated with the gadget. It can distinguish movement, clearly, however it likewise has a light sensor inside so it can differentiate among day and night. This enables you to alter the activities that happen dependent on the measure of light the sensor is recognizing. It's additionally ready to distinguish the surrounding temperature, which is a pleasant reward highlight.

Application and HomeKit The Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor can be seen and oversaw either by the Hue application or with the Home application, and which you pick will rely upon how you need to utilize it. In the event that you need to utilize it solely with Hue items, the Hue application functions admirably, however in the event that you need to utilize it with other HomeKit gadgets, the Home application is the better decision.

In the Hue application, you can pick the Motion Sensor's conduct by day, by night, and set what ought to be done when it either distinguishes movement or does not recognize movement.

For instance, you can kill the Outdoor Motion Sensor completely during the day and afterward after nightfall, set it to turn on the lights at whatever point movement is identified, which is presumably conduct the vast majority will utilize it for.

You can likewise have the lights mood killer after a set timeframe when no movement is distinguished, so the lights can come on for anyplace somewhere in the range of 1 and an hour when movement is recognized and afterward mood killer a while later consequently.

The Outdoor Motion Sensor is perfect for computerizing your open air lights to ensure there's in every case light when you're outside at night and to possibly frighten away criminals or different malignant individuals who may be close to your home. You can likewise set the Outdoor Motion Sensor to control the indoor lights, so you can, for instance, have it turn within lights as you approach the house in the event that you don't have open air Hue lights for it to work with.

In the Home application, you can utilize the Outdoor Motion Sensor in HomeKit Automations as a trigger, which enables it to work with non-Hue HomeKit gadgets just as Hue gadgets. This is the best way to set up computerizations that include other HomeKit items as the Hue application restricts you to control with Hue lighting scenes.

You can likewise see the Outdoor Motion Sensor in the Home application, where it shows the present splendor of the room in lux and the temperature as extra highlights. Both of these readings can be found in the Home application solely and are not accessible in the Hue application.

I lean toward utilizing the Home application to deal with the Outdoor Motion Sensor since what it's doing is more clear and I can make increasingly explicit Automations. For instance, somewhere in the range of 5pm and 6pm, I can have the Outdoor Motion Sensor turn on both my indoor and open air lights when it identifies movement, actuating the indoor lights at the particular minute when I return home during the evening. A different Automation can be set for the evening time that will mood killer the lights when no movement is identified or turn on the lights when it is distinguished.

Between both of the applications, there's a considerable amount of granular power over how the Outdoor Motion Sensor functions, so it should fit practically any utilization case. I speculate the vast majority will need to utilize it explicitly to control open air lights without confounded Automation arrangements in light of the fact that indoor lighting can be controlled through indoor movement detecting alternatives.

You will need to pick one application or the other to utilize so there aren't clashing and befuddling robotized alternatives set up. Expounding on it makes it sound entangled, however in all actuality, mechanizing the Outdoor Motion Sensor's conduct takes only a couple of minutes once you know exactly what you need it to control.

On the off chance that you don't need the Outdoor Motion Sensor to control your lights whenever, it tends to be handicapped inside the Hue application. The Hue application additionally has choices for modifying the affectability of sunshine and movement location to calibrate how and when it's initiating your lights. You can, for instance, turn down the movement recognition affectability if it's frequently actuating because of moving tree limbs or creatures cruising by, or turn it up if your lights aren't going ahead when movement is recognized.

With respect to Siri, you can pose inquiries about movement discovery, light level, and temperature. Other than that, there's not a great deal that should be possible with the Outdoor Motion Sensor utilizing voice, since it's generally intended to be utilized for mechanization as opposed to collaboration.

You're additionally ready to set up notices that will fill you in regarding whether and when movement is distinguished utilizing the Home application so you can get cautions when you're away from home.

Primary concern

On the off chance that you need a HomeKit-empowered movement sensor that will most likely confront being outside, the new Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor is an astounding decision.

It's not excessively costly, the movement detecting and sunshine location highlights work dependably, and it gives you a brisk, simple approach to mechanize your outside (or indoor) lights so you don't need to consider them.

Sensors are an extraordinary expansion to HomeKit and the Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor can imitate the conduct of conventional open air lights that have movement based actuation highlights.

Instructions to Buy

The Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor can be obtained from or from the Hue site for $49.95.

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