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The Optibike Carbon Review

Optibike is one of the most established electric bicycle organizations in the United States. The originator, Jim Turner, was a motocross champion in his initial years and has a degree from Stanford University. He helped plan electronic suspension at Ford Motor Company after his dashing years, added to structures at Fox, and has developed the organization to incorporate his two Sons over the previous decade. Their first item delivered in 2007 and included generally American-made parts. After some time, Jim has joined all the more universally sourced equipment (battery cells, show units, engine frameworks), yet everything meets up in a very active manner, accentuating execution. His group alters engine controller programming, for instance, so the reaction and taking care of feel right.
Optibike R15c Carbon Fiber

They have been taking a shot at the new R-arrangement since 2014 and think of it as a stage. For the individuals who feel that the $14k value point is excessively high or the ~35mph top speed is unseemly for their select application, Optibike plans to arrange and sell specced down renditions to consent to Class 1, 2, and 3 rules. Nonetheless, even the most reasonable item in this arrangement will be worked around the all-carbon outline, swing arm, and battery box. This audit was progressively similar to a meeting and went long. I have been working with Jim since 2013 and developed to believe his client backing and friends steadiness. I certainly brought up contemplations, similar to the absence of container confine managers, constrained presentation readouts, nonattendance of USB charging ports (which would have been decent to have with such a high limit battery pack) yet there's actually not at all like this ebike available at this moment. There are other powerful close cruiser electric bicycles, however nothing so deliberately designed by an ace rider. The R15C is intended for rough terrain use, and a significant part of the recording overlaid in the video survey was shot on a private farm in Colorado, where unlicensed vehicle task is allowed. In its present arrangement, this bicycle has no pedal help drive mode… only a variable speed contort throttle that offers expanding force and speed potential through five levels. It can achieve 28mph with throttle just, however rider accelerating opens 35mph top velocities. For the time being, the bicycle just comes in a single casing size. the seat cylinder is calculated back so expanding seat stature additionally broadens reach. Jim discussed fit, and accentuated the low standover stature for petite riders. I felt truly agreeable on the bicycle and appreciated the long-travel Fox suspension, ergonomic locking holds, and 125mm Fox dropper post. Evidently, when you request one of these items, the group interviews you to comprehend ride style and needs so they can custom spec the majority of the frill! There's an abnormal state of administration on offer that matches the top of the line construct. It truly seems like they investigated dealing with and weight circulation when building this casing. They utilized carbon fiber since it takes into consideration variable divider thickness and one of a kind shapes, that can deal with the weight of a 190 newton meter engine. Clearly, more seasoned edge structures were bowing under the intensity of the most recent drive frameworks, and that could prompt wobble. The R15C is utilizing through axles on the two center points, more extensive Boost center point dividing to reinforce 27.5″ edges with 2.6″ larger measured tires. Ebike explicit Fox suspension fork with thicker stanchions, fast evaluated Schwalbe tires with double layer cut insurance, and an unbending swing arm bring this into bike an area. I asked Jim, why not simply construct electric bikes? The objective here is to make a stage that could be accelerated to OHV trails that is lightweight enough to lessen damage and make transport simpler, and have a stage that can be reconfigured for ebike use. The R15C has wrenches and pedals, however once more, it truly is arrangement as a bike at the present time, and that is the thing that the notice and Class 4 callout are about. Before we hop in further, I need to compliment the kickstand alternative, interesting incorporated double shaft fog light framework, and quicker 8 amp charger that comes standard. This survey showed me more suspension, and I picked up a thankfulness for the consistency of spring versus air (which is what was picked for the back stun). Air is exceedingly movable, however the exhibition can switch as it warms up from delayed use and the extra weight of the casing and unsprung back wheel weight (with a 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub) include work. Notwithstanding riding in a lush field, all over checks, I picked up a thankfulness for the low weight conveyance and suspension execution. When we lifted the edge to gauge it, utilizing a passthrough handle at the middle, it adjusted flawlessly… and Jim clarified that this handhold was to be sure implied for lifting backing and they investigated outline format to make it balance that way. All around done.

Driving this bicycle is a specially mechanized base section, mid-drive engine, appraised at 190 newton meters. This is altogether more dominant than standard ebike engines, which will in general go 50nm to 90nm. It gives amazing beginning and climbing power, I had the option to take off in higher apparatuses versus moving down with each stop. One drawback in any case, is that you can only with significant effort move under power, the Rohloff Speedhub won't enable itself to be constrained into various apparatuses if there is an excess of power being connected to the drivetrain. Power yield is appraised 1,650 watts to 2,500 watts crest, which is path over the government ebike cutoff of 750 watts. I understand I'm rehashing myself somewhat here, however simply attempting to clarify the limits of utilization for this item and how it is extraordinary in the general space. The size is genuinely minimized and Jim disclosed to me that it just says something the scope of 9.5lbs, which is just marginally heavier than the Bosch Performance Line engines (which weigh 8.8lbs). One truly observable contrast with execution here, is the humming noice that is delivered at higher speeds and pedal RPM. You can hear this in the video above unmistakably during the pass overlays (where the rider goes past the camera). One the one hand, it's more intense than many contending ebikes like the Stealth Bomber, which utilize a gearless center point engine… however the mid-drive arrangement is substantially more effective on the grounds that it can use the drivetrain gears for climbing and high speeds alike, it additionally decreases unsprung weight, and keeps weight low on the edge. At last, it is fundamentally calmer than most inside burning motors… and it doesn't warmth up to such an extent or produce scents and wreckage the manner in which that some of them can. On account of its reduced size, the engine does not distend down or forward, bringing down ground freedom. It interfaces with a 42 tooth solid steel chainring, which could be swapped out for various sizes in the event that you need, and specially machined 165mm wrench arms. I got some information about the wrench a safe distance on the grounds that most different ebikes I survey have 170mm arms, and was informed that the shorter arms help to lessen pedal strikes. It's another part that could be swapped out… and I truly love that about the R15C, it utilizes numerous standard bicycle parts versus totally exclusive arrangements. It may be decent to get a triple cinch suspension fork with 40mm stanchions or run a 27.5″ wheel in the front and littler 26″ in the back… and you can do the majority of that. Drivetrain, stem, handlebar, wrenches, pedals, situate post, tires and wheels are altogether institutionalized and that makes them replaceable and all the more effectively functional. Clearly, Rohloff centers just require incidental oil changes that can be really simple to perform with their unique oil change unit.

Driving this electric bicycle is a specially crafted, worked in the USA, carbon fiber encased battery pack. While the normal limit with respect to an ebike battery in 2017 was 350 watt hours, that limit developed to ~500wh in 2018 with certain models offering 650wh… the Optibike R15C accompanies a 1.5+ kilowatt hour battery! That is 1,534 watt hours absolute, utilizing premium LG cells. The science is lithium-particle, known for being dependable, lightweight, and enduring. To truly streamline life expectancy, it's ideal to store in a cool, dry area. The pack can be charged on or off the bicycle outline, and the included 8 amp charger downplays personal time. Once more, standard ebike chargers are normally evaluated at 2 amps, with some at 4 amps. I've been informed that quicker charging can here and there debase cells, however we see it on the Tesla Superchargers? Jim has broad involvement with batteries and custom controller programming, so I'm certain they are upgrading here for speed just as unwavering quality. For the individuals who need to go considerably further, Optibike is dealing with a "twofold battery" which offers 3,064 watt hours and fits into generally a similar casing space. Jim did not have one to appear, however he discussed how it is just marginally more extensive than the pack appeared in the photographs and video here. That is slick, extremely flawless! I'm speculating that the 3kwh pack would be significantly heavier than the officially sizable 14.6lb default pack. That is a great deal of weight directly there, yet it tends to be expelled for simpler lifting and transport. It's likewise going to be increasingly helpful to charge and store in ideal temperatures for those with restricted indoor space. The three things this battery does not offer are a coordinated handle for more secure conveying, a charge level pointer, and a locking chamber. You truly screw the battery onto the bicycle outline with 6M hex fasteners. The outcome is a pack that fits cozily and safely… yet isn't as secure against burglary. There are consistently exchange offs to think about when upgrading for weight, and I comprehend that most employments of this item won't include bicycle racks.

Discussing battery limit and readouts, the presentation board on this ebike offers an extremely standard 5-bar infographic with 20% advances. It's not so fine and exact as I'd like. From one perspective, you have this enormous battery that can go further, however the bicycle is likewise heavier than normal and to some degree bulky to pedal on the off chance that you rand out of juice. Having the option to know the contrast between one bar meaning 20% or 5% could change how you ride the last leg of your trek. Some ebike shows currently show range gauge, which is exceptionally cool, yet that is hard to do when the item just offers throttle-on-request. There's a major contrast between the most minimal degree of intensity and the most astounding with this bicycle, and I'm speculating that you can bite through the high-limit battery in all respects rapidly in tough rough terrain situations. I've been informed that whenever you ride a bicycle over ~20mph the effectiveness misfortune because of air obstruction is exponential. All things considered, this item goes in any event 28mph and up to 35mph, so implies you draw a great deal. From numerous points of view, the LCD show unit here is extraordinary. The screen size is enormous and simple to peruse, it has bunches of menus for speed, normal speed, top speed, and excursion and odometer readouts. You can swivel the screen to diminish glare, and the situating (at the focal point of the handlebar) is useful for assurance if the bicycle tips. You can only with significant effort expel the presentation and there is no USB port incorporated with the framework. This is one territory I couldn't imagine anything better than to see improved with future presentations, since it may be decent to charge a cell phone for GPS or include extra lights. More established Optibike models utilized a fundamentally the same as front lamp fenced in area that had switches on it versus an elastic catch cushion and LCD. Those switches and LED readouts weren't as reachable or intelligible if the fog light was pointed down. I feel like the consideration of two brilliant headlights that likewise kept running off of the battery, alongside the effective grayscale LCD unit (which is illuminated) are right on the money from multiple points of view. There was a touch of disarray for me, seeing PAS on the presentation and imagining that the bicycle had pedal help, however it's simply power levels for the throttle. In level zero, the throttle is inert, and this is fine for riding down slopes yet at the same time utilizing the presentation and front light. Jim clarified that the organization would auction a urban bumper and street bumper embellishment, and it made me wonder in the event that it may have an incorporated backdrop illumination? For most circumstances, a battery-powered clasp on rucksack light would work. It's a little trade off, much like the absence of jug enclosure supervisors, that can be illuminated through extras and perhaps end up better. All things considered, the bicycle I tried had a Rohloff half-hold turn shifter on the left, the catch cushion (with up, down, and m catch) additionally on the left, and the half-grasp bend throttle on the right. It felt like a bike or cruiser and appeared to be harder than trigger shifters or trigger throttles. I like that they had the option to course huge numbers of the links inside through the edge, and acknowledge how flexible the two-finger brake switches are. You have reach change just as cam modify for how rapidly power is connected. Given the power, speed potential, and weight of this item, it truly felt like the 203mm circle brakes with quad cylinder calipers were justified… and they worked admirably. The bigger distance across gives a mechanical bit of leeway just as cooling support. This is only one more case of premium equipment that is specced accurately yet adds to the more expensive rate point.

This is a more extended survey, both the video and writeup, yet there's simply such a great amount to state. Jim and his group at Optibike have built up a superebike (like a supercar) that is delightful and fit. While it just comes in a single real nature, a kind of matte or glossy silk dark, they can give custom decals which offer style and assurance. It's another gesture to the motocross business, where Jim began. The stickers are additional thick and look really great (you can see the red accents on the audit bicycle). Dark is a decent base shading on the grounds that many elastic materials are really more grounded in dark and they show less wear. The vast majority of the links, engine packaging, tires and so on are dark as a matter of course… so this thing could truly be passed out on the off chance that you needed. It's not very applicable, since they spec each bicycle to arrange, yet I enjoyed the 5050 pedal decision from Crankbrothers and am energized that they have kickstand alternatives. The lower 28.5″ standover is truly key for individuals will's identity riding on uneven territory. To be honest, the 66.5lb control weight of this ebike (with the stock 1.5kwh battery) is light by all accounts, for such an incredible framework with long travel full suspension. I've seen numerous different items in this range are not so performant. The R15C certainly drives the envelope for what is conceivable in the ebike space, and I'm eager to see the innovation imparted to slower more ebike specced Optibikes in the coming years. This thing feels stable yet agile at high speeds, it climbs great on the off chance that you change into the fitting scope of gears, the drivetrain is durable and casing flex isn't an issue… it has a sense of security and stable with the more extensive centers, through axles, greater tires, and smooth throttle. The suspension configuration is worked around a virtual rotate point with an unbending triangle for quality and the spring stun is solid under pressure and significant lots of riding. Somehow or another, it's intriguing that accelerating is required to go over the 28mph top speed, however this energizes commitment and wellness in a novel manner. It supports rigging moving, which is important for the top speed, yet I don't get the feeling that you'd be "beating eggs" and turning overly quick. The engine appears to help 120+ RPM, however the Rohloff truly enables you with its wide scope of pedal alternatives. Optibike used to have a shop in Boulder yet has moved 50 miles Southwest of Aspen in a city called Paonia Colorado. I've met Jim and his children on numerous events and making the most of their practical mentality, specialized aptitude, and readiness to comprehend client needs. You can see a portion of their different items at a shop called Best Electric Bikes in Denver Colorado. Search for the new R8HD model worked around a similar edge and lower-specced R8 in the Class 1 design without Rohloff. I do consider how this will function out and if Optibike will have move recognition set up? It sounds like they may utilize a flimsier engine, similar to the ones on their Pioneer arrangement, for this item. Along these lines, it probably won't pressure the drivetrain to such an extent. As usual, I welcome remarks and revisions beneath and welcome you to connect with and share your very own encounters, photographs, and media in the Optibike gathering.


Long travel suspension, hefty measured tires, and a premium 125mm dropper seat post permit this ebike to be ridden anyplace… it's overwhelming for an ebike however extremely light for a motocross item and enables you to appreciate parts of the two games, (for example, riding from home to a trail and possibly not requiring as much defensive apparatus)

Custom decals enable you to customize the bicycle and match gear, they likewise shield the carbon fiber from scratches, it's an extraordinary methodology for electric bicycles yet one that is attempted and tried in the motocross space

The 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub offers a wide 526-degree scope of pedal choices and enables you to move at stop, it's harder than a derailleur and tape, takes into consideration a more tightly and higher chain, and requires negligible support

In the event that you chose to utilize this instead of a bike for chasing or outdoors trips, it would create less commotion, take out the smell of fuel, and be simpler to mount on vehicle racks by lessening weight (expelling the battery pack)

Optibike is one of the most seasoned ebike marks in the USA and is a multi-generational family, it was begun in 2007 by expert motocross rider Jim Turner and it keeps on being a trend-setter, you get a one year far reaching guarantee and strong telephone support… even face to face administration in the event that you live close to their central station in Colorado

Optibike ships direct and has clients in more than 30 nations, there's a degree of client backing and adaptability here that is uncommon with most e-bicycle organizations

Optibike completes a great deal of custom programming for their items to enable them to run dependably yet at the same time augment power and execution, it's an alternate degree of structure than numerous different organizations that work with off-the-rack equipment and programming

The back suspension configuration is arrangement to diminish flex in light of the fact that the engine puts out such a great amount of intensity (up to 190nm of torque), they've worked around a virtual turn point with an inflexible triangle, you get an extremely reliable spring suspension stun from Fox that is intended to deal with heavier weight and high speeds

The Fox fork is ebike explicit with more extensive 36mm stanchions to deal with fast and extra weight, this is significant for downhill dependability, braking execution, wellbeing, and unwavering quality

Jim revealed to me that they alter the bicycle dependent on rider input, so you'll get premium grasps, pedals, and seat… what I saw on their demo model looked quite incredible as a beginning stage however their arrangement procedure even considers the kind of riding you'll be doing as such they modify handlebar arrangement, stem, everything…

With a heavier bicycle and possibly higher top velocities, brakes are significant, and I feel like the 203mm pressure driven circle brakes from SRAM worked superbly, I never felt temperamental on this bicycle and discovered that there was an extra change for brake commitment which could help with deliberate sliding rough terrain versus dynamic stops on street, the quad-cylinder calipers will lessen warmth and improve brake rotor get

Special uniquely designed double bar front light is associated with the handlebar versus let down on the suspension like numerous different items I see, these lights really enlighten the trail and appear to be harder than a ton of different items out there

The casing was intended to be agreeable however keep up firmness and quality, it's appraised at 1.9 versus 1.3 on most customary downhill trail blazing bicycles

The casing offers a genuinely agreeable 28.5″ standover tallness, that makes it simpler to mount and increasingly agreeable to venture off if the trail is calculated, battery and engine weight are situated low and focused on the edge for ideal security and taking care of

Low ground leeway is accomplished through the custom edge plan and conservative engine, this is extremely a one of a kind arrangement and you see how well it handles since they didn't work with existing edges, it's an expertly streamlined stage from a genius rider who thinks about taking care of

The curve throttle feels extremely smooth and responsive, control smashes up in a manner that takes into account wheelies, bounces, and exact climbing applications versus an at the same time precipice feeling

At the focal point of the edge, there's a punched out handle that was explicitly intended to enable riders to lift the bicycle outline, it's only one case of the tender loving care that was put into this item

The battery pack has a physical on/off change to help lessen control misfortune over significant lots on the off chance that you aren't utilizing it, these packs can be charged on or off of the edge and ought to be kept in cool, dry areas and not dropped

More extensive Boost center point dividing front and back for tough talked propping edge to help support the bigger hefty measured tires, the two axles are thicker through axles versus sticks to deal with the weight and power on offer

The tires specced here are rapid ebike evaluated for toughness, they incorporate additional extreme cut safe layers so you shouldn't encounter disappointments or pads as oftentimes, for the individuals who need to keep running at lower weight or shave a touch of weight off – the tires are tubeless prepared and can be changed over

The battery cove and pack configuration are arranged so future adaptations can offer considerably higher limit… up to 3,000 watt hours with a marginally more extensive pack, as a matter of course it's now 1.5+ kilowatt long periods of juice (3x a conventional battery limit), I like how the weight is kept low for good dealing with and isn't excessively wide so you won't have foot strikes or leg brushing against the edge

By developing the edge with carbon fiber versus aluminum amalgam, they had the option to streamline divider thickness and improve the quality and solidness without trading off the plan of the edge or including a lot of weight

The vast majority of the links are inside steered, so they avoid the way and will in general be increasingly secured, the dropper is mostly outside which makes it simpler to alter for extremely tall riders and it continues wiring clear of the linkage and back swing arm

The battery charger is appraised at 8 amps versus a typical charger at 2 amps or 4 amps, that is incredible thinking about how huge these batteries are, it should fill quicker

Later on, Jim said that they will have two kinds of bumper alternatives (street that is tight and shut down and rough terrain that is higher up and won't get brimming with mud)


There's no chance to get around it… this ebike is pricey! I was urged to hear that Jim is arranging a line of progressively moderate models worked around a similar carbon fiber outline, this one in any case, is completely specced and directions the more expensive rate point

As of now, the Optibike R15C Carbon Fiber model just comes in a single edge measure, however Jim revealed to me that they planned the seat cylinder edge forcefully to expand go after taller riders as the seat is raised

While this thing ships as a Class 2 item, with a constrained top speed of 20mph, it is truly arrangement more for off parkway vehicle trails or private property… increasingly like an enduro bike

The showcase board is huge and simple to peruse yet isn't removable, I like how low it is mounted in any case, since this diminishes the opportunity for scratches and contact if the bicycle tips or is slammed, it can swivel to decrease glare

With the majority of the power and speed this electric bicycle is prepared to do, there is an exchange off as far as clamor created, and you can hear it in the video survey over, the planetary equipped mid-engine is discernable at higher speed and high power levels

The battery pack is genuinely huge and overwhelming, it doesn't have a conspicuous handle and you ought to be mindful so as not to drop it, it doesn't verify to the edge with a locking chamber (just M6 hex jolts), and you need to unplug it from the casing at whatever point expelling

The presentation readouts can be a bit of befuddling, it says PAS (which represents pedal help) however there is just throttle mode on this specific model… the throttle does not work at level zero and gets logically increasingly ground-breaking as you bolt up through levels 1-5

I was somewhat disillusioned to discover that the battery infographic, notwithstanding having 15 little pieces, is extremely only five major bars meaning 20% augmentations… it is decent to have increasingly exact battery rate since the battery is so huge and you may ride way out into the boondocks, it would likewise be pleasant to have a range gauge menu

In spite of having the truly elevated limit battery on this electric bike, you can't take advantage of it for charging telephones, GPS, extra lights, or other versatile electronic gadgets in light of the fact that there's no USB port on the pack or on the presentation unit

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