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The 2020 Bentley Bentayga

From the start, a Bentley Bentayga module mixture appears as oxymoronic as a Mazda Miata conveyance van. The Bentayga is a major SUV intended to convey similarly significant levels of execution and extravagance. That doesn't leave a lot of space for eco-friendliness.

However Bentley's first SUV is additionally its first module cross breed. Truth be told, the 2020 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid (like certain different automakers, Bentley discards "module" from the official name) is the principal generation Bentley with electric help of any sort. It focuses the route for Bentley's different models, which will all get crossover powertrains by 2023. With Bentley's electric future on hold, engineers expected to get the Bentayga Hybrid right on the primary attempt.
2020 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid review

To discover of they succeeded, Digital Trends made a beeline for Silicon Valley, where Bentley masterminded a test pass through neighborhoods improved by the tech business. Our course took us past Facebook's home office and through Atherton, considered the most costly ZIP code in the United States. That made it the ideal spot to try out the Bentayga Hybrid. It might be the most economical Bentley, yet with a base cost of $156,900, it's as yet one of the most costly SUVs at a bargain today.

Why a module mixture? Why a Bentayga?

The run of the mill Bentley client is too well off to even think about caring about getting a good deal on gas, so why waste time with a module crossover by any means? It's halfway down to stricter emanations principles. While U.S. principles have gotten caught in political unrest, Europeand China are pushing ahead with harder guidelines. Some European nations have even examined inside and out banson offers of new fuel and diesel vehicles.

Bentley additionally needs to foresee changes in client tastes. Chris Craft, Bentley board part for deals and advertising, revealed to Digital Trends that 30% of extravagance vehicle purchasers are keen on electric autos. He additionally said Bentley plans to dispatch its first all-electric model in 2025. Meanwhile, the Bentayga Hybrid permits Bentley to make a stride toward that path, without estranging its increasingly moderate clients. Yet, why start off the jolt push with a SUV?

"At the least complex level, the Bentayga started things out," Peter Guest, Bentley product offering executive, said. The SUV began advancement in 2011, and a module cross breed variant was a piece of the arrangement from the very beginning, Guest said. The Bentayga additionally offered the additional preferred position of room. Visitor noticed that "there's significantly more space to put the battery pack."

The most extravagant module half and half around

The main visual contrasts between the Bentayga Hybrid and other Bentayga variations are tactful "Half and half" identifications, and a charge port situated close to the back of the vehicle on the driver's side. The outside endeavors to promote that the Bentayga is a Bentley, acquiring styling prompts from the automaker's models. It's as though, in light of the fact that the Bentayga was simply the brand's first SUV, fashioners were additional reluctant about making it resemble the genuine article.

The inside is a stage up even from other extravagance SUVs.

The inside is a stage up even from other extravagance SUVs. The guiding wheel is splendidly estimated, the 22-way control flexible seats are agreeable, and the inside has a degree of craftsmanship not ordinarily observed in different autos. You get a lot of wood and cowhide, and a tender loving care unparalleled by some other SUV, aside from maybe the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. For instance, every one of the 15 bits of wood trim in each Bentayga is hand chosen and slice to fit.

However the Bentayga's lodge could be far and away superior. We drove the Bentayga Hybrid consecutive with a Bentley Continental GT V8, and really wanted to see that the SUV's inside wasn't exactly as upscale as its sibling's. We saw much increasingly plastic trim, for instance. In truth, the Bentayga Hybrid's base cost is about $50,000 not as much as that of the Continental GT, and the thing that matters is something you'd just notice subsequent to driving the two together. In any case, we're simply not used to the possibility of a Bentley being worked to a cost.

2020 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid survey

Stephen Edelstein/Digital Trends

The Continental GT features another issue with the Bentayga. The SUV's advancement head start gave engineers time to include the module half and half powertrain alternative, yet it additionally implied the Bentayga passed up the most recent infotainment tech. It's not accessible with the Continental GT's advanced instrument bunch, or the Bentley Rotating Display, which shrouds the focal touchscreen when not required. Be that as it may, established set up for what it's worth, the 8.0-inch touchscreen works fine and dandy. The Bentayga is likewise accessible with a head-up show, night vision, worked in WiFi hotspot, and two 10.2-inch Android tablets for back seat travelers. Bentley offers Apple CarPlay, yet not Android Auto.

Decent execution

You need to burrow underneath the layers of wood and cowhide to discover the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid's raison d'etre. The module mixture powertrain comprises of a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 motor and eight-speed programmed transmission, with an electric engine sandwiched between them. The Hybrid keeps the traditional Bentayga's standard all-wheel drive, however loses the alternative of a third column seat. The 13-kilowatt-hour battery pack is housed under the floor in the pit where the third-push seats would regularly overlap away, so the Bentayga Hybrid is just accessible as a four-or five-seater.

Electric range and MPGe are useful for an extravagance SUV, however they won't make hypermilers' heartbeats race.

All out framework yield is 443 strength and 516 pound-feet of torque. That will pull this gigantic SUV (it weighs around 5,700 pounds) from zero to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds, and on to a top speed of 158 mph, as indicated by Bentley. That makes this module half and half the slowest Bentayga; even the diesel form (which isn't sold in the U.S.) outsprints it. Be that as it may, the numbers are as yet decent for such an enormous vehicle, and are superior to what a Range Rover module half and half can assemble. The overhauled Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, which goes on special in the U.S. in the not so distant future, is speedier (zero to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds), yet its top speed is 1 mph more slow than the Bentley.

Increasing speed and top speed figures are what make the Bentayga Hybrid a decent Bentley, yet shouldn't something be said about the numbers that make it a decent module half and half? Bentley claims the Bentayga Hybrid can travel up to 16 miles on electric power alone, at speeds up to 84 mph, with an EPA proficiency rating of 50 MPGe. Those are great figures for an extravagance SUV, however they won't make hypermilers' heartbeats race. Similar figures for the Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne module mixtures are not accessible right now.

2020 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid survey

Stephen Edelstein/Digital Trends

A full energize from a standard family unit outlet takes 7.5 hours, as indicated by Bentley. An energize utilizing a 240-volt Level 2AC source takes an increasingly sensible 2.5 hours. Bentley doesn't offer a DC quick charging alternative.

Drives like a Bentley

The Bentayga Hybrid's most noteworthy resource isn't its eco-friendliness or execution – it's the manner in which it drives.

The electric powertrain is an ideal counterpart for a Bentley. Its bountiful torque and smooth, calm activity are actually the characteristics this adored British automaker is known for. Purchasers who think a V6 motor is lacking contrasted with the V8 and W12 motors in other Bentley models needn't stress. With the electric engine contributing, there is all that could possibly be needed snort in genuine rush hour gridlock. Bentley likewise noticed that the half breed framework consistently leaves some battery control for possible later use, with the goal that electric help is constantly accessible.

The Bentayga Hybrid's most prominent resource isn't its eco-friendliness or execution. It's the manner in which it drives.

Driving the Bentayga like a Bentley is extraordinary, yet driving it like a module half and half yields blended results. The SUV has an electric-just mode, yet in crossover mode, pushing the throttle pedal past a specific point naturally turns on the gas motor. It's like the kick-down switches in programmed transmission autos, just you get an explosion of inward burning force rather than a lower gear.

It's a genuinely direct approach to deal with the interaction of fuel and electric power, but since the switch is genuinely high up in the pedal's movement, keeping the gas motor off requires a light touch. We spent more than 90 percent of our (as a matter of fact short) drive on electric power, as indicated by the vehicle's outing PC, however that was accomplished by treating the correct pedal like an eggshell. Clients will probably wind up depending on fuel control a more noteworthy level of the time, diminishing generally speaking productivity.

2020 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid survey

Stephen Edelstein/Digital Trends

The Bentayga Hybrid has a few stunts to help expand mpg, however. The cross breed framework, versatile journey control, and route can cooperate to foresee course conditions and decide the most proficient approach to drive, as indicated by Bentley. The Bentayga Hybrid is accessible with other driver helps – including traffic sign acknowledgment and night vision – yet nothing as luxurious as the top German extravagance SUVs.


The Bentayga Hybrid separates itself from other extravagance SUVs with its finely made inside and demeanor of restrictiveness, however a couple of other module crossover SUVs verge on coordinating it.

Land Rover Range Rover P400e (base value: $95,950): The Range Rover was seemingly the vehicle Bentley needed to outperform when it propelled the Bentayga. Land Rover still offers a noteworthy blend of extravagance, on-street driving elements, and rough terrain ability.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid (base value: $79,900): The Cayenne is a cousin of the Bentayga, as the two offer a similar fundamental stage. It satisfies a similar fundamental strategic the Bentley at a lower cost, yet with somewhat less extravagance.

Genuine feelings of serenity

Bentley offers a three-year guarantee with boundless mileage. Beside the module powertrain, the Bentayga Hybrid is indistinguishable from other Bentayga models. That implies it's as yet an exceptionally mind boggling vehicle with high support benchmarks. As is regularly the situation with top of the line, low-volume vehicles, the Bentayga has not gotten crash-test appraisals from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

How DT would design this vehicle

We would check the case for the City Specification bundle, so as to get back cross traffic alert, traffic sign acknowledgment, park help, and a top-see camera, just as the Touring Specification bundle, which includes versatile journey control, path keep help, head-up show, and night vision. Ventilated and kneading front situates balance our picked rundown of choices. Similarly as with different models, Bentley lets Bentayga Hybrid clients go wildwith outside shading and inside trim alternatives, permitting a more prominent degree of personalization than most different vehicles. There's no compelling reason to stay with essential dark or silver.


The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid isn't the best module cross breed, nor is it the best Bentayga. It's a really decent vehicle, however we expect more than that from Bentley. Be that as it may, the driving experience looks good for future electric Bentley models.

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